Free Will

The hardest words to say, for me,

Is “let it be.”

Let it be Thy will, and not mine.

I can’t see Time

Stretched ‘fore me as a mountain range,

Nor can I change.

On my own.


Myself, in the valley, is dark.

I eat tree bark

And rest my head on stone pillows.

Sky’s blocked – Willows

Whose branches reach to praise the Sun.

I am undone,

No more One.


Shivering underneath the shadows;

Suffering blows

To perceived control; illusion

Of brain fusion.

Tiny glints of light, now and then,

Make me blink when

They descend


In hurried patches ‘cross my eye.

Alas, they die

In the shade. Again to ascend,

Force joints to bend

And crack against the daily grind,

While from behind –

Burden’s mind.


One step, pain – the next, suffering.

Life is stepping.

Might cover disperse at the top

Where the sun’s hot

And the air’s crisp upon the skin?

There shalt thou win –

So they say.


I will not know today.