Only forty percent today you’ll pay,

Just buy it now, yes, right away,

Before another comes later today.


Bang! Boom!


Announcements for the general public!

Spend money here and you will see

How well we use our profit!

There’s nothing else in this sad world

That it could be without our product –

Avoid loss,

Avoid future regret,

Depression knocks at your doorstep

Should you in freugality forget

The feeling of the friendly grasp

Of our item’s grip within

Your ass.


And now a word from our sponsor:


Is the rooster’s crow too weak,

Too bold?

Are you suffering from the common cold?

Coughing, sneezing, flaky flatulence?

A foreign feeling distracting masculence?

A pill, a pill will solve te issue!

You’ll never again even need a tissue!

And again, once more, I decry it’s free!

Just loan us some of your hard-earned money

By entering a few numbers here and there.

Don’t despair! Just wait, you’ll see.


A survey of all our customers shows clearly, and you’ll agree, that their wallets feel no less lightly than before.

Save a tree. Save a whore;

Live the life that you adore –

Ignore the debt, forget the war,

There is no pain to make your ass feel sore –

Just your ears and eyes are bleeding

From incessant glowing, yelling, shocking, blaring, flashing, blinking commercial gore.


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